How to Load Your Moving Van

If you choose to move without the help of a moving company, or you wish to load the moving van yourself, it’s important to make sure you’re doing so correctly. All of the careful packing you do can be undone by a poor loading job, especially when it comes to your important or fragile items. Here are a few tips for loading a moving van that should keep all of your possessions safe and secure.

First Steps: To begin with, you’ll want to place a protective layer on the bottom of your trailer or van in order to protect your boxes from the hard floor of the storage area. Plastic sheeting is a popular choice, while cardboard can also work in a pinch. Next, begin loading up your heaviest items on the floor; your lighter items and boxes can go on top of furniture and heavy appliances.

Keep Your Belongings Secure: Your items may feel safe inside boxes, but without other support, those boxes may shift during your move, and a single sharp turn or sudden stop could send boxes flying – and put fragile items at risk. Use ropes or straps to tie things down inside your moving vehicle in order to prevent any unpleasant surprises.

Fill in the Gaps: No matter how professionally you pack your van, your boxes and furniture are unlikely to fit together perfectly like a jigsaw puzzle. You’ll need to use soft, malleable items to fill in those gaps, making your loading both more efficient and safer. Pillows, cushions and blankets all make great items to slip between your valuables to prevent them from becoming damaged during the move.

Fragile Items Last: Place fragile items at the top of the truck, and take extra precautions in securing them. This will prevent them from becoming unexpectedly crushed during delivery, and make it easy to remove them first when you reach your new home.

One especially good tip we’ve seen mentioned by many moving experts involves an unexpectedly fragile item – flat screen televisions. Be sure to pack these modern televisions upright; if you place them on their sides, you may cause damage to the screens, since the interior components are too heavy for the screen to support for very long.

Add a Protective Color: As a final step before you leave, you’ll want to cover your items with a plastic sheet. This will prevent your belongings from gathering dust while they sit in storage, on the truck, or anywhere else they might have to wait between being packed and being unpacked at your new home.