Understanding Your Relocation Package

Perhaps you’ve just landed a job with a new company in Calgary. The job is great, but there’s one catch: you live in Ontario, making the cost of moving far too expensive to justify even the amazing new position you’ve been offered. Luckily for you, your new company has included a relocation package in your […]

Moving Your Vehicles

Here’s one thing that often gets overlooked in the moving process: how do you plan to get your car, truck, or other automobile to your new home? If you only have one vehicle for you and your family, this can be a simple decision: you might just want to drive yourself to your new home […]

Getting the Most for Your Old Home

When it’s time to move, most of the excitement you’ll feel is about your new home. Maybe you’ll be enthusiastic about having a larger place, feel anxious to start a new job, or just be ready to explore the dining options in Calgary. But in all of that excitement, it’s easy to forget that you’ll […]

Saving Money During Your Move

One of the most stressful parts of moving to a new home is the cost of the move itself. A move across Canada to Alberta can be quite expensive; between the costs of packing and preparing your belongings, transporting yourself to your new city, and any expenses that come with hiring a moving company, costs […]

Choosing Where to Move in Calgary

If you’re moving into the Calgary area, you’ll have a wide variety of options when it comes to choosing the neighborhood you’d like to live in. From downtown urban centers to quite suburban areas, there are numerous options depending on exactly what you’re looking for. In fact, LiveinCalgary.com counts a total of 184 different communities […]

The Unpacking Process

Given the stressful nature of a big move, it’s only natural to simply want the process to be over with. Once the movers have been paid, the boxes have been delivered, and you and your belongings are all in their new home, your natural instinct will be to celebrate the end of a successful move. […]

Utilizing Small Movers

When we talk about the issues that come along with relocating to a new home, it’s usually the size and scope of the move that cause the most issues. But while this typically refers to the hassles and issues with getting large amounts of furniture and other items to your new home, it can also […]

Five More Moving Mishaps

We’ve written articles about the mistakes people make when moving before, but those pieces only scratched the surface of the common errors made by movers. Here are fie more major things to watch out for when planning a move. Forgetting to Measure Doorways: This one is very easy to forget, yet extraordinarily frustrating if it […]

Finding Temporary Housing

Sometimes, there’s a gap between the time when you’ll be moving out of your current home and when you can move into a new permanent residence. In these cases, temporary housing may be necessary in order to bridge that gap. Depending on the circumstances of your move, the best type of temporary housing for you […]

Using Self-Storage Units

One common annoyance during a move comes with what to do with items that can’t immediately be moved from your old home to the new one. Perhaps your new home is smaller, or you’ll be sharing your new place with a roommate. In other instances, there may be a period of time between the time […]