Five More Moving Mishaps

We’ve written articles about the mistakes people make when moving before, but those pieces only scratched the surface of the common errors made by movers. Here are fie more major things to watch out for when planning a move.

  1. Forgetting to Measure Doorways: This one is very easy to forget, yet extraordinarily frustrating if it affects you when you reach your new home. Make sure to figure out the measurements for all of the openings into your new home before you start packing. There’s nothing worse than taking a sofa to a new apartment or house and then finding out that there’s absolutely no way to get it into your living room. Taking measurements and figuring out what will fit into your new home will allow you to decide whether to pack or sell some of your larger items.
  2. Not Accepting Free Stuff: Let’s face it – packing supplies can quickly get expensive. But why spend hundreds of dollars on boxes, crates, packing peanuts or special foam? You probably have a fair number of boxes in your current home, and your neighbors, friends, and family undoubtedly have plenty more they’ll be happy to throw your way. And there’s no reason to pay for specialty packing supplies when newspaper will usually work just fine for insulating and protecting your fragile goods.
  3. Taking Your Movers for Granted: Your move is a busy and stressful experience, so it’s easy to overlook the people who are helping you get to your new home. Make sure to provide refreshments for your movers, regardless of whether it’s your family helping you or a professional moving service. If it’s the latter, make sure to give them a tip at the end, too. The nicer you treat your movers, the nicer they’ll treat your belongings!
  4. Picking the Wrong Boxes for the Wrong Items: Here’s a quick tip that’s invaluable to keeping boxes safely packed. The heavier the item, the smaller the box you should try to put it in. It is fine to pack lots of light items in a large box, but even a single heavy item could cause a bigger box to split open (or make it extremely difficult to carry).
  5. Being Careless with Paperwork: You should always keep a copy of your contract with your movers handy. This contract, known in Canada (and the United States) as the bill of lading, will outline what is expected of the movers and the cost of all services they’ll be providing. Having this around will prevent any unexpected disputes from arising during the move.