Moving Your Vehicles

Here’s one thing that often gets overlooked in the moving process: how do you plan to get your car, truck, or other automobile to your new home? If you only have one vehicle for you and your family, this can be a simple decision: you might just want to drive yourself to your new home while a moving service takes care of the rest of your belongings.

But what happens when you have an extra car to transport, or you feel the need to self-move your belongings and plan to take a moving van? In these cases, it may be a pain to drive your car, motorcycle, or other vehicle to your new location. This is especially true when it’s a long trip, in which case drafting a friend or relative to drive your car might not be a reasonable solution.

This is one area in which your moving company is likely to be able to help you out. Some moving companies personally have services to help with the vehicle moving process. If they don’t, most moving companies will still have partnerships with other groups that can handle transporting a car to your new home. Regardless of the specifics, though, you’ll need to be diligent to make sure you get the best service possible.

In most cases, your moving service will present you with a number of bids from competing companies who will be welcome to transport your vehicle. While it’s tempting to simply choose the lowest bid, this might not be the right solution depending on your needs. You’ll want to see what the various bids offer in several areas, including:

Insurance: What kind of damage will be covered by the vehicle hauler? In many cases, while major damage is covered, small dings and scratches may not be.

Open or Closed: One way to lessen the probability of suffering damage of any type is by using an enclosed vehicle moving service. These enclosed trailers offer protection from the elements, but comes at an added cost. Using an open car carrier is a significantly less expensive option, and is definitely the most common way to transport a car.

Level of Service: If you want to make sure your car arrives by a certain date, you can spring for a full service option that guarantees your car is shipped when you want it. To save a few dollars, though, you can choose an economy option that will ship your car when space becomes available.

Finally, if you’re moving to a city such as Calgary and bringing your car will be expensive, it’s worth at least considering selling your car. If you plan to live and work in the city, you may be able to rely on public transportation. This is an especially palatable option if your family has multiple cars: in a city, just one vehicle may be more than enough for your needs.