Saving Money During Your Move

One of the most stressful parts of moving to a new home is the cost of the move itself. A move across Canada to Alberta can be quite expensive; between the costs of packing and preparing your belongings, transporting yourself to your new city, and any expenses that come with hiring a moving company, costs can quickly add up to a level that’s well worth a headache.

In some cases, you might be lucky enough to have an employer willing to foot the bill for your relocation. However, if that’s not the case, there are still a number of tips you can use to cut down on your expenses during the moving process. Here are a few easy ways to save a few dollars when you move:

  • Check the Fine Print: We’ve talked before about the importance of doing your research when choosing a moving company. However, even if you find a company with an excellent reputation and a reasonable price, there may be hidden charges that can quickly increase the cost of your bill. Check for charges based on how difficult (or far) it is to get from the moving truck to your home, extra fees for heavy items, or higher rates if specialists are needed for special jobs such as disassembling furnishings.
  • Be Careful With Your Old Home: One expense that is easily avoidable is a bill for damage done to your old home. If you’ve sold your old home and then create noticeable damage while on your way out, the new owners may ask for money back as compensation. If you rented your previous home, the landlord could hold part or all of your security deposit in response to discovering damage to your unit.
  • Consider a Self Move: If you think you can handle your move without professional help, this can be a great way to save some money. Storage pods and rental trucks are almost always cheaper than hiring a moving service, though you’ll have to weigh that against the possibility that your move might feel even more stressful if you have to go it on your own.
  • Check Your Insurance: As a precaution, it’s always best to make sure you have insurance coverage for every part of your move. Make sure you purchase insurance that covers any of your belongings that may be damaged in transit. In addition, if you are driving a moving vehicle yourself, make sure you have auto insurance that covers these vehicles (this can usually be purchased from the rental company).