Using Self-Storage Units

One common annoyance during a move comes with what to do with items that can’t immediately be moved from your old home to the new one. Perhaps your new home is smaller, or you’ll be sharing your new place with a roommate. In other instances, there may be a period of time between the time you move out of your first home and when you move into the new place.

In any of these situations, a self-storage unit can be the answer to all of your problems. There are likely to be several self-storage facilities near your current home (or in the area where you’ll be moving) that can help store your belongings until you’re ready to move them into a new house or apartment.

It can be difficult to choose between different self-storage companies, however, and many people make mistakes when packing their units. Here are a few tips that can guide you through the self-storage process:

Get Details: When you first contact a self-storage company, make sure you know exactly what you’re getting. How large are the units? How much do they cost to rent? Will you have 24-hour access to your unit? Are there adequate safeguards against damage from water, heat and insects? Don’t choose a storage company until you feel comfortable with the answers to all of these questions.

Pack Safely: If you’re filling a storage unit, it’s easy to just start stacking things from the floor to the ceiling until you’ve filled the entire space. This is especially common when packing more than one unit; many people will first fill a unit entirely, and then move on to the second storage space. Instead, be careful not to pack too high, where it could be difficult or dangerous to retrieve your boxes later. In addition, make sure there’s plenty of room to move around in the storage space so that you can easily get to individual boxes if you should need them.

Label Everything: Speaking of getting to specific boxes, it’s important to label each box that you’re storing. However, simply marking each box isn’t enough; you’ll also need to ensure that all of the labels are facing outwards so that you can clearly read them.

Check Your Locks: No matter how secure a storage yard may seem, the security is worth nothing if your individual unit can’t be properly locked. To ensure that you won’t be the victim of theft or vandalism, make sure that your locks are secure and that the storage unit closes tightly.