Utilizing Small Movers

When we talk about the issues that come along with relocating to a new home, it’s usually the size and scope of the move that cause the most issues. But while this typically refers to the hassles and issues with getting large amounts of furniture and other items to your new home, it can also be an issue if you have a particularly small move – for instance, if you were renting a room from someone, and are now moving into a place of your own.

How can having fewer things to pack actually cause more problems? It can become an issue if you wish to use a professional moving service. Most moving companies charge customers based on the distance you are moving, the weight of your items, and the types of services you request. More importantly, these companies almost always have a minimum weight requirement, which can be a major headache if you have minimal belongings to move. Either you won’t be able to get service from these moving companies, of you’ll have to pay for the minimum weight they offer even if your items weigh much less.

This is where so-called “small movers” can come in handy. These companies exist to fill the gap between self-moving a few boxes in your own car and the more comprehensive large-scale services offered by traditional movers. Small movers will generally price your move based on the calculated weight of your items, giving you one simple, flat quote for everything you need shipped to your new home. While this rate is generally higher per pound than a traditional mover, this is easily made up for during small moves by the lack of a minimum weight.

Small movers generally have no trouble shipping items either short distances or internationally. There are numerous small movers who operate in Alberta, particularly in the Calgary area, as well as several national and international companies that can help you move between provinces and to (or from) the United States.

There are other uses for small movers, too. If you have a few unusual items that you’d like shipped separately (such as antiques or fragile valuables), you may have better luck shipping with a small mover than a general moving company. They can also be used to get the “moving service” treatment on what would normally be a standard shipping order; again, this can be a great alternative if you are shipping something valuable to a new location. Often, small movers offer some level of insurance on your items as part of their normal service, which can give you a little added piece of mind about your important items arriving safely at their destination.